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At Kufri Fun Campus, we’ve always got loads of offers on! Check them out below as they could help you save loads of money on your fun day out. From annual passes to upgrades, we’ve got the perfect offer for you…

Jungle Walk

Jungle walk is one of the most exciting adventures activities which can be easily made within park . It gives real inner feeling of the nature.

Half Day Jungle Walk
Full Day Jungle Walk (With Lunch Box)

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Buy tickets on Trippy Trek and utilize the same day. Not valid for next day.

Trippy Trek
Yellow Bands - Rs. 700
Blue Bands - Rs. 800
Orange Bands - Rs. 500
Red Bands - Rs. 800
Purple Bands - Rs. 1000
Grey Bands - Rs. 600
Pink Bands - Rs. 2200
"All Prices are including GST"

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